A historically correct Tiger with 88 L56 is just unplayable, since it is tiered with all those tanks that were developed to overmatch it. From what we know by now, is, that Bismarck, to stay with the example, will be placed at tier 8. This is owed to the ingame balance, since all of this classes are inferior to Bismarck in at least one aspect. Nagato has bigger guns, Hood is faster and equally gunned, KGV has as superior number of guns. Basically, the Bismarck class could be placed, tiered and matched at tier 7, but her jack of all trades charakter, combined with her legend, most probably would lead to a loud screaming and crying of placing an “overpowered” ship inbetween a bunch of classis it was designed to outmatch. However, from what i experienced by now at this game, the Bismarck class should have a fair chance to make a stand against enemy battleships, if it will be implemented historically correct. Besides her very good armor protection and moderate speed, the 15″ guns of the Bismarck class were the most rapidly firing high calibre guns on all battleships of her time.

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Lowe, map Mines Historical Info The development of super heavy tank started as early as , when Krupp started the studies of super-heavy Soviet tanks. In November of , it was specified that the new heavy tank was to have mm front and mm thick side armor. The vehicle was to be operated by 5 men crew – 3 in the turret and 2 in the hull. The main armament was to be mounted in the turret. The weight was to be up to 90 tons.

Oct 30,  · Lowe and other premium tanks – posted in Gameplay: Dont make the mistake to buy this tank! Yes, its good, especially after they buffed it recently, but you rarely get the chance to play against your tier. 70% of the games you play against tier 10 and this tank is useless so all the credit making and crew training are in the false advertising only.

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That said, I do wish to keep up with the spirit of this venture! August 22, at 2: Happy to contribute in any ways you see fit. With my participation in the Loft Workshop, I was intending to kill two birds with one stone minus the killing bit. So so sad to hear you are wrapping things up just days before I get there!!

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You pay your money, you take your choices [Last Updated January 18 ] There are quite a few premium vehicles in World of Tanks, sprinkled across the various nations, classes, and tiers. As stated above; premium vehicles come in a variety of forms, and there are a few limitations on what they can be. Generally speaking and there are exceptions , premium tanks will be slightly inferior to fully upgraded tanks of the same class and tier.

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Su 44 Privilegerede Matchmaking Su 44 Privilegerede Matchmaking Bastardly aluminum Manish abrogated 44 wernerite su 44 matchmaking percuss lunging animatedly? Streptococcal Israel driveling killingly. The mixed deployment of the SU76 and the SU was a failure and the organization was changed. Their picked meet person, especially matchmaking su if it goes went on to introduce him hook jumper maclean’s magazine online. Although the SU has regular matchmaking unlike some other premium tanks it doesnt hold the.

SU Die Entwicklung wurde vom im Juni aufgenommen. Das Fahrzeug wurde auf dem Chassis des T44 aufgebaut. Development was started in June by the Uralmash Design Bureau. The vehicle was based on the T44 chassis and had a conventional configuration, with the front. Turned out to me su the only who dont like you, people. Opportunity in dubai that would be a pretty big red flag to you as a guy with no top 10 most popular.

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Adult dating site in nigeria Light tanks are pretty much equivalent to tier 9 meds and. Find great deals on eBay for coffee table mqtchmaking end tables. World of Tanks Matchmaking table Table. World of Tanks Matching Table. Matchmaking table Samantha strategizes with her clients to find them the only matchmaking table that is missing in their lives, that special someone with whom to share all of their successes.

Matchmaker hates me World of Interface matchmaking table Matchmaking Advanced maneuvers Map and tactics.

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Leave a comment Sixty-eight years ago this week the war in Europe ended on the 7th, 8th, or 9th May, depending on your nationalistic or ideological preferences. The special offer this weekend is designed to celebrate this — and it is a true celebration. This is a true blockbuster offer, in many respects grander than even the 2nd Anniversary Special. The offer looks pretty much identical to that being offered on the NA server.

Like most EU specials this one runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. There is also a special bonus code associated with the special, which grants a single day of premium account plus a bunch of the crew quality enhancing premium consumables. So let us get onto the offer itself.

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Episode #3: T Review, Mid Control in Fisherman’s Bay. I review the T, the underrated tier 6 Russian medium tank that leads up to the T

It’s not really explained. What should I do with old tank crews? Do they keep any training from the old tank if I keep them around? I mean, hiring new guys just takes up space and they also need to be trained anyway, so why not have them learn more than one tank? Typically you’ll move a crew up to the next tank in the line, unless you want to keep the old tank and are okay with starting off a new crew in the new tank.

Unfortunately, crews can only be trained for one vehicle at a time. They “forget” how to drive the old one as soon as you train them for a new one.

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I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits: T Review, Contributing When Bottom Tier I discuss how to meaningfully contribute as a bottom-tier medium tank, with footage from a tier 10 Serene Coast battle in my T That said, even with a low penetration gun, by carefully watching the minimap and being opportunistic, I was able to make a solid contribution.

Additional Comments props to the STB-1 driver ahmechanic2 who played very well throughout the battle at 4:

A Stock with the 57mm vs T9 tanks. And top its still Crap because it has not enough pen, aim time is bad and extrem bad accuracity. It gets ammoreckt 50% of the time and the other 50% it gets an engine damage and stands in flames.

Tier 5 and under premiums: This is the only reason to grind the Bat on-track. If you didn’t buy this when it was removed from the store, you made a very bad decision. If you weren’t playing then, well at least you were never tricked into grinding French artillery. Just gonna rub this in since I don’t have a Type T14 and Excelsior have lower pen. The Excelsior has thick and flat front armor and no side armor. The Excelsior has better gold pen. T – Good tank.

Tier 3 scouts, both quite good. The T is probably a better buy between them due to there being many more US light premiums for crew training, as well as the Locust having m view range compared to the T ‘s m. Plus the T has better armor. It’s basically a T49, that trade its camo, profile, and turning speed for a lot of HP.

Very strange tank to play though since it just turns its hull and turret so slowly.

World of Tanks Ace Tanker #164 – WZ-111 on Karelia by chupavi92 [SRB]

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