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What they found was disturbing: It is unclear whether that censored material contained any religious expression. Google has also committed a number of free speech violations, the NRB report alleges. It also allegedly blocked a Massachusetts pro-family website because of its conservative Christian content. Google also has also excluded churches and other faith groups from free or discounted use of its web tool Google for nonprofits. For example, Google removed pages of a Norwegian anti-Church of Scientology site after it was pressured to do so by Church of Scientology lawyers. And when Facebook, citing its outlined responsibility policies, abruptly yanked a fairly innocuous photo of two fully clothed male actors kissing from the blog post of gay rights activist Richard Metzger, it sparked criticism in the gay community, leading Facebook to repost the photo. Facebook issued a formal apology and reposted the picture. They rallied more than , sign petitions asking Apple to remove the app from the iTunes store.

Church of Scientology Launches Video Channel

We scoured the internet to see which apps are winning the most acclaim. Checking balances, making transfers and paying bills is just the beginning. You can check on your investments, find the nearest branch or bank machine and access a variety of other tools such as mortgage calculators. Like the online tool, Mint lets you connect all of your accounts in one place to track and categorize your spending, pay bills, check your balances and double-check your budget before you buy.

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Perhaps the most valuable app would be the Scientology Clear-the-Planet Donation App. The IAS could regularly message members for donations in varying amounts: $; $; $1,; $5,; or Other. Members would simply click on the amount of their choice and automatically, the money would be transferred from their bank accounts or debited from one of their preselected credit cards.

Where Gibney circled the movement right from its beginnings, seeking to analyse its methods and impugn its motives, Theroux just gets right in there and jabs it in the ribs, that imperturbable mask of irony driving its partisans even more bananas than usual. His efforts in Los Angeles to speak to their current membership meet with stony refusal, so only the apostates come forward: The Theroux-Rathbun partnership, though it becomes interestingly fraught, draws all kinds of stalker-ish emissaries and cranks out of the woodwork, not one of them doing much to reassure us that Scientology is in fact cuddly, socially progressive or misunderstood.

Louis Theroux in My Scientology Movie Rathbun, who claims to have witnessed the alleged violence and bullying behaviour of his former superior, but is also far from immune to accusations of his own complicity, puts these Miscavige-wannabes through their paces and rates their promixity to the real thing. Perez admits anger comes to him quite easily, pushing pretend underlings up against the wall in curiously persistent reconstructions of how Miscavige is meant to have behaved behind closed doors.

Even Theroux, grabbed by the throat in a sudden outburst, is yanked completely out of his usual sly comfort zone, which gives such sequences a bit more of a meaningful thrust. These cronies claim to be making their own documentary, as a form of retaliation, which is such a delicious idea for Louis Theroux to play with: It’s all wickedly tendentious mischief, but when it’s this gloriously funny, the points score themselves.

My Scientology Movie is released on October 7.

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Raya is less like Tinder and more like a secret society. You show yourself off with a video slideshow set to music of your choice. Launched in March , Raya has purposefully flown under the radar.

Scientopedia: Wiki resource of Scientology data, run by Independent Scientologists and people in the Scientology freezone OT materials on wikileaks: Full documents showing the teachings of the upper OT levels, including OT III’s famous Wall of Fire.

According to their official literature: What are the actual origins? Four fans, described as an attorney, a publisher, a doctor and an engineer, then formed a Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation. The first Church of Scientology was established in February , with more than a dozen new churches springing up over the next decade. Ron Hubbard, a former science fiction writer, died in What is the appeal of scientology?

According to the church, people believe in scientology because of an “absence of answers” from science. Where is it based? Inside the new Scientology headquarters in Florida Do they celebrate any holidays? How do they deal with pain? The church advises a method of detoxification involving saunas, exercise, vitamins, the drinking of oils, as well as light jogging.

Scientology Apps

Modal Trigger Tom Cruise is setting his sights on aliens, according to a new book. Mimi Rogers introduced Tom Cruise to Scientology — but she was cast aside soon after the couple married. Everett Collection Nicole Kidman went along with Scientology to please her husband. Cruise was introduced to the religion when he was 23 years old by his then-girlfriend, actress Mimi Rogers.

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Scientology books officially extremist in Russia again Published time: At least according to the Moscow Regional Court. The literature considered by the court is a selection of books and leaflets by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, who founded scientology in the s. Dating from , various regional Russian courts have refused to recognize Scientology as an established religion, accused it of being a money-extorting cult, or branded its books extremist.

Scientologists have always fought back vigorously, winning a decision at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in , which fined Russia 20, euro for repeatedly failing to register a Scientology cell in the Siberian city of Surgut as a religious organization. As recently as March 19, a court in the Russian region of Tatarstan dismissed a very similar extremist literature case passed on from a lower court, after a Scientologist appeal. There are estimated to be around , practicing Scientologists in Russia.

Scientologists are also encouraged to restrict contact with family members who refute their religion, while those who have tried to expose Scientology are harassed through legal and other means.

Russia ‘bans Scientology’ after Moscow court deems it ‘not a religion’

Multiple sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly that Tom Cruise has had essentially “no contact” with the year-old daughter he shares with ex-wife Katie Holmes. Alleges another insider, “Tom has no relationship with Suri. Cruise has two older children, Connor, 21, and Isabella, 23, with his second ex-wife, Nicole Kidman.

Dec 20,  · The rapper is making waves over some interesting revelations discussed in a ‘Vulture’ interview Monday — namely, that he uses gay dating app Grindr.

This is not one of those things. This is just as awkward as it was in And the response was an embarrassment. While the studio audience was incredibly stoked, the viewers at home — and online — were weirded out. This display of emotion was so intense, so striking, that it rang false. Or, if not false, definitely kind of creepy. It was too much.

Scientology Apps

Scientology addresses the spirit—not the body or mind—and believes that Man is far more than a product of his environment, or his genes. Scientology comprises a body of knowledge which extends from certain fundamental truths. Prime among these are: Man is an immortal spiritual being.

Scientology operates eight churches that are designated Celebrity Centres, designed to minister to celebrity Scientologists. The largest of these is in Hollywood, California, called Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International.

Nonetheless, Tom Cruise reportedly implemented rules on what Katie Holmes could and could not do with her male co-stars on screen. Though the characters played by Holmes and Eckhart are intimate in the film, TMZ reported that Cruise imposed a so-called “art kill” which prevented the release of any promotional materials for the film which featured Holmes kissing Eckhart.

Sources also claim that he put restrictions on the types of roles she could take during their marriage. While at a pre-TomKat wedding dinner party, Remini writes that she heard the persistent cry of a baby. After a while, her motherly instincts kicked in and she sought out the source. What she found was 7-month-old Suri laying on the floor of a bathroom. Though three other women were present, including Cruise’s sister and his assistant, they were doing nothing to soothe the infant.

Ron Hubbard incarnate, and addressing her more like an adult than a baby. But she rises from her chair when Holmes is asked how she feels about the widespread disbelief in her new union. Cruise planned to purchase a sonogram machine for on-demand ultrasounds. Untrained users could miss potential and time-sensitive problems with the pregnancy. Furthermore, excessive and unnecessary ultrasounds can harm the fetus. Cruise assured his detractors that he would donate the machine to a hospital after Holmes gave birth.

Jerry Seinfeld: ‘I Studied Scientology’

A sassy blogger at Jezebel wrote about it yesterday. You can imagine how our ears perked up upon reading the headline: Bizarre dating sites you didn’t know existed Although the site is not overtly “for Scientologists,” its “spiritual” nature suggests that it could be.

Or maybe you’ve been at this dating thing a while, and you’re looking to change up your routine a little bit. Either way, it’s a big, wide, dating-app world out there, with plenty of decisions to navigate.

Early life of L. Ron Hubbard and Military career of L. Ron Hubbard and Thomas S. Moulton in Portland, Oregon in L. Hubbard spent three semesters at George Washington University but was placed on probation in September He failed to return for the fall semester. On May 18, , his subchaser left Portland. That night, Hubbard ordered his crew to fire 35 depth charges and a number of gun rounds at what he believed were Japanese submarines.

Having run out of depth charges and with the presence of a submarine still unconfirmed by other ships, Hubbard’s ship was ordered back to port.

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